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Hailing from the south-west of France, with a clear penchant for sailor looks, Hublot Mode Marine is a brand for rainy days, sunshine and stripes !

For the past 20 years, we have brought naval fashions up to date, mingling urban and naval trends for statement fashion that makes waves. Check out our full, timeless, fresh and colourful collection in which the whole family will find something to love, from the youngest of shipmates to the greatest of captains !

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Hublot Mode Marine Homme Femme Ciré Printemps/Été

Hublot Mode Marine

Hublot Mode Marine is THE nautical fashion brand with an ultra-urban edge, bringing you timeless, quality pieces and original details that are bang on-trend.
Our collection is made up of different wardrobes: men, women, children and even babies!
We favor comfort, quality materials, flawless cuts and original finishes make every Hublot Mode Marine garment a staple in your wardrobe.
Find now the timeless pieces in our ultra-trendy collection:
Our wardrobe of striped tops, an emblematic piece of the brand, is available in many cuts, materials and colors.
The raincoats and knitwear wardrobe is iconic: designs, materials and colors stand out for a sailor & city look.
Our coats and down jackets can be worn and taken anywhere, combining style and technicality: waterproof seams, water-repellent, breathable, they are the ideal partners for the winter season.
Finally, the bottoms wardrobe is available in jeans, skirts, dresses and other comfortable and resistant bottoms for relaxed city sailors

To each his raincoat!

No longer confined to rainy days but real essentials of the urban look, raincoats are making a comeback and will protect whether young or old in all weathers with style!
In classic mode with their iconic yellow versions, or more trendy with their metallic, technical versions with their heat-sealed and waterproof seams. Discover a wide range of colors with more than 27 different colours!

Hublot Mode Marine Femme Ciré Printemps/Été
Hublot Mode Marine Femme Pull Maille Printemps/Été

Warm and original knitwear

Our models of sweaters are made with ribbed edges with impeccable finishes and a stretch knit for unfailing comfort. Elegance remains the prime concern with flawless cuts down to the end of the sleeves. We carefully select our materials to offer you knits in recycled yarn and merino wool, a heat-regulating wool that will protect you from the winter cold. Quality is the number one secret of our timeless city-style sailor sweaters.

Coats and Puffy Jackets

Hublot Mode Marine offers you a collection of ultra-stylish coats and puffy jackets for the whole family, to face winter with complete peace of mind.
The cuts and materials carefully made will make you the most chic of sailors.


Hublot Mode Marine was founded in 2002


over 20 different colours of raincoats for young and old alike


Hublot Mode Marine is the leader in sales of raincoats in Europe


Design studio in Labruguière (near Toulouse)

Registered models

All our models are registered with Maître Olaya, a judicial officer in Castres

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