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The brand Hublot
Mode Marine

Famille à la plage

Hublot Mode Marine is a brand from the south-west of France which draws inspiration from natural elements like the wind, rain and sun. Stripes are our anchor, raincoats our mainstay.

For twenty years, our label has reinvented nautical fashion, blending street and sea to create modern statement styles that make waves.

With their timeless, fresh and elegant designs, our collections are suitable for all the family and all body shapes. Why not explore our ranges of Breton tops, trousers, t-shirts, sailor sweaters and accessories to enhance any appearance, from the youngest of shipmates to the most senior of captains.

Our story

Mode Marine

The Hublot Mode Marine brand’s dress code is geared around authentic savoir-faire used to create urban fashions.

Managers and designers, everyone contributes to the creation of our colourful, original collections. Read on to meet the team and find out about our history !


At the helm

At the helm of Hublot Mode Marine, Rémy Escande, Chair and CEO, Danielle Wascat, CEO and José Martinez, Assistant CEO.

The firm has been growing constantly and now ranks third in naval fashions. We are the market leader for oilskin jackets !

A story of friendship and talents

The story started with the foundation of the brand in 2001. The entrepreneurs behind this project come from the sunny region of Occitania, the Tarn department near Toulouse to be precise. They were already working in well-established firms reputed for their savoir-faire and recycled and wear-free carded yarns.

Rémy Escande met a friend from Brittany, and unexpected sparks flew. The friend asked him to design sailor sweaters for Brittany, and it took off: the concept was a hit and orders kept coming, the great savoir-faire and the local garment manufacturers who worked in Castres, Aiguefonde and Mazamet proved highly popular on the Breton market.

20 years later, there are no fewer than 600 different models in the Hublot Mode Marine collections sold all over France and abroad !

Homme avec un pull marinière blanc et femme portant un pull marinière noir
Couple avec marinière jaune Hublot Mode Marine

Leaders of raincoats in Europe

Hublot Mode Marine launched its colourful, timeless range of sailors’ oilskin jackets in 2008. The firm is now the leader in sales of oilskin jackets in Europe, selling nearly 500,000 pieces a year. The models are designed in-house in Tarn and manufactured using carefully selected fabrics affording top quality, comfort and sturdiness.

The carefully crafted pieces benefit from faultless traceability. Quality is a given and the pride of our brand.

Concept store

In 2016, Hublot Mode Marine launched its concept store adaptable to all stores. In the style and colors of the brand, the concept store reveals its urban & naval world via the collections in the store.

The Concept Store led to rapid expansion abroad: the Hublot Mode Marine collections are now available in 11 countries across Europe (Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Italy, Germany, the UK, Bulgaria and Lithuania and Ukraine) as well as in the Maghreb (Morocco).

Since 2022, Hublot Mode Marine, European’s number one raincoat retailer, has been anchored on the American continent, determined to established itself in this new territory.

Brand villages

Very recently, Hublot Mode Marine opened its first stores in brand villages : 15 stores were set up at the various brand villages in France, in Nailloux, La Séguinière, Troyes, Roubaix, Iles-Saint-Denis, Pont St Marie, Talange, Coquelles, Miramas, Aubergenville, One Nation Les Clayes-sous-Bois, Corbeil-Essonnes, Strasbourg, Roman as well as two exclusive brand stores: Bordeaux (Bord’Eau Village) and Béziers (Polygone).

Starting in 2023, the rollout of affiliations will allow for the opening of 10 shops per year to end of 2025 to 30 more affiliated shops.


Hublot Mode Marine was founded in 2002


over 20 different colours of raincoats for young and old alike


Hublot Mode Marine is the leader in sales of raincoats in Europe


Design studio in Labruguière (near Toulouse)

Modèles déposés

Tous nos modèles sont déposés en l’étude de Maître Olaya, huissier de justice à Castres.

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