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ZOOM IN… our metallic colours!

Brand new metallic iconics to shine this winter!

ZOOM IN… our designers!

Creating, innovating and styling…

Stylist Recommendations

Do you want a timeless, ultra-fashion, or a relaxed, chic look?

Find all of our ideas in our "Stylist Recommendations" table on Pinterest. In order to combine your Hublot clothing in the most beautiful ways!

Maintenance Advice

Are you looking for the best way to preserve your Hublot clothing?

Your oilskin:
Machine-washable at 30°C.
Do NOT dry-clean, bleach or tumble-dry.
Your smock :
Machine-washable at 30°C.
Do NOT dry-clean, bleach or tumble-dry.


Our products are manufactured throughout the world (T-shirts, pullovers, oilskins, etc.) where our manufacturing plants are located. Currently, 40% of our manufacturing is in Europe (Portugal, Spain), 40% in Asia (China, Bangladesh, India) and 20% in the Mid-East (Morocco).

All of our manufacturing plants A1:D41 audited by our onsite agents in order to make sure that our specifications are respected, but also to ensure acceptable working conditions.
Our agents make regular inspections and grade the plants based on mandatory norms.

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